RIP Karate 1993-2005

"Karate has disbanded after 12 wonderful years of making music together. We played our last show in Rome on July 10th, 2005. I could no longer continue with the band for a number of personal reasons, the most important of which is that I have developed hearing problems from many years of dangerously loud stage sound. After seeing a hearing specialist and attempting to continue working with Karate, it quickly became clear that I can no longer play at the high stage volume that Karate requires."
"Over the next year I will continue working with my other various bands and projects, and I will also start working on a new band with a different instrumentation and stage setup that allows me to continue performing the songs that I love to write and sing. Of course Gavin and Jeff will also continue to make great music, and we hope you will all continue listening!"


AB plundert mijn bankrekening

Tickets moeten nog gekocht worden, maar het belooft weer een zeer druk en vooral een bijzonder duur najaar te worden. Grote schuldige is de programmator van de AB die weer een aantal zeer interessante namen naar Brussel haalt. Wie gaat er mee?

25/08 Dinosaur Jr - AB
10/09 American Analog Set - AB
13/09 Cocorosie - AB
16/09 Múm - AB
26/09 Stephen Malkmus + Fence - AB
08/10 Great Lake Swimmers - AB
10/11 Antony & The Johnsons - AB